About Chrisyd Advisory Services (“Chrisyd”)

Chrisyd Advisory Services (“Chrisyd”) is a 100% Black woman owned company founded by Refilwe Christina Ndlovu. The company became operational in 2019.

Chrisyd is the result of Refilwe’s passion, skills, talent and experience working with companies of all shapes and sizes. After 19 years working in the financial industry and working with distressed companies, Refilwe was inspired to start the company 3 years ago when she saw a gap and opportunity in the market for providing a comprehensive suite of turnaround and business rescue services.

Irrespective of how big/small or stage of performance a business is in, Chrisyd is able to unlock maximum value with the focus of adding value and meeting the needs of a client. We partner with other specialised businesses to ensure that our clients’ needs are met end to end.

Chrisyd plays a
key role in

  • Facilitating and raising funding for acquisitions and funding for organic growth.
  • Assisting and managing restructuring and turnarounds in companies.
  • Providing business rescue services that offer both strategic and comprehensive business rescue planning.
  • Providing business valuations to enable business owners, directors, and other key stakeholders in companies to get a better view of their interests.
  • We provide business assessment and due diligence, strategic, investment advisory services.
  • Offering a variety of risk services