About Chrisyd

Chrisyd Advisory Services is the result of a combination of the skills, talents and experience of Christina and Sydney Ndlovu who have between themselves at least 40 years working with companies of all shapes and sizes.  They were inspired to start Chrisyd Advisory Services when they saw a gap and opportunity in the market for a company that could provide a comprehensive suite of business advisory services to companies depending of their stage of growth.

All businesses no matter how big or small go through the following stages:  launch, growth, maturity and decline. Chrisyd Advisory Services is there to partner with business to unlock maximum value. The company is guided by the need to add value to the business and to exceed customer expectations. To this end Chrisyd Advisory Services is available to facilitate and manage restructuring and turnarounds within companies. For companies that may be going through the stress the company.  

In providing business rescue Chrisyd Advisory Services offers  strategic and comprehensive business rescue planning which will be followed by the actual company or business rescue.

For businesses and the growth phase Chrisyd Advisory Services can play a key role in acquisitions. Sometimes companies need to raise capital and have to find the most effective and efficient way of doing this.  Chrisyd is available to guide companies through this process . A critical thing in business is understanding the value of the franchise. To this end Chrisyd Advisory Services does business valuations to enable business owners, directors and other key stakeholders in companies to get a better view of the value of their enterprise.


Restructuring and Turnaround

Sometimes a company is not operating optimally for various reasons including the setup, structure and employment of capital and tough decisions need to be made if there is going to be an improvement in performance in the short term and long term. It can be the capital structure not being appropriate or management of working capital not being suitable for the needs and strategy of the company. This can necessitate a restructure or revamp of capital structure in place but often directors and managers are uncertain as to where they start. Chrisyd Advisory can guide the business in the restructuring or turnaround purpose.

Business Rescue

One of the most demanding operations in business is rescuing a company whose performance is in free fall or whose operations are distressed and may be facing imminent closure. A great deal is at stake and only a rigorous and disciplined process can prevent a catastrophe and the closure of the business. Chrisyd Advisory is available to manage the delicate process of walking the company through the tumultuous process of business rescue. A business rescue is often a traumatic and turbulent time for many stakeholders in a business, shareholders, directors, managers, creditors and Chrisyd Advisory has enough experience to generate an appropriate strategy and game plan to manage the process.

Capital Raising

It is often a daunting challenge for many businesses is to raise sufficient levels of capital. No business can survive without capital and proper planning is required to ensure that there is always adequate capital for operations. Raising capital can be a simple to very complex process requiring a knowledgeable and experienced advisor to guide you through this process. Chrisyd Advisory brings their vast experience in capital markets to assist with capital raising. Working together we will be able to get clarity around the goals, objectives and strategy and then to present the options available in the market.


Sometimes the most logical step in the growth of a company is acquiring another business. In certain circumstances an acquisition makes much more sense than growing the company organically. How does begin the process of an acquisition? The faster and smoother an acquisition is the less time it takes for the acquired entity to be integrated into the operations of the acquiring company and for value to be unlocked in the new combined entity. Chrisyd Advisory is available to guide, advise and manage the process of acquisitions and ensure win-win.

Business Valuations

A company should be valued at fair value. How do the managing directors value their business? This is often a pressing question, not one that influences the operations in any way but an implied one as managers seek to generate the most value in their business. For key stakeholders in the business such as shareholders and management the ability to generate maximum is often critical. Our staff have massive experience in valuing business which they have done in the past mostly as part of pricing in a merger, takeover or some other corporate finance activity. Chrisyd Advisory understands the intricacies and dynamics around valuing businesses and will diligently manage this purpose while the business focuses on its core purpose.

Sales and divestment

Sometimes it may become necessary for a company to sell off or offload a part of the entity. This can be done for various reasons such as to unlock shareholder value, to raise capital or to streamline operations. Whatever the reason may be the process needs to be managed in such a way that it causes minimal disruption to current and future operations and leaves the resulting entity better off than before. Chrisyd Advisory provides the expertise to navigate through this process.