About Refilwe

Refilwe Ndlovu is the CEO of Chrisyd Advisory Services. She is  an articulate,  strategic thinker and is very knowledgeable in business and corporate strategy, complex transactions, credit risk and management of distressed clients.  Her work over the course of her career has provided her with opportunities to interact with many people across very diverse  industries.

She has has spent at least 18 years in financial services. In that time,  she has worked in various senior roles in Rand Merchant Bank, Standard Bank, Industrial Development Corporation and Absa providing her with a broad and well-rounded view of the financial landscape in South Africa in general and the dynamic and intricacies of business funding. Her views, opinion and general input have been highly sought after in highly strategic and complex deals in the financial institutions where she has worked.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in accounting degree for them from the University of Johannesburg.  She followed that up with an MBA from the  Gordon Institute of Business Science GIBS in 2014.

I started out as an accountant and office manager it Tsanwani and company in 1997 and was there for the next 2 years. Before I moved to Meynell Buys and Partners, where I was an audit supervisor from 1999 and 2000.  From the year 2000 I made the transition into financial years where I would remain until 2018 going through stints at Rand Merchant Bank and Standard Bank and the Industrial Development Corporation.

Refilwe is  married with 2 wonderful daughters.  The philosophy that has guided her through the years is that nothing is difficult, it is just challenging, and challenge is what she needs.